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Gen Z & Millennial Keynote Corporate Speaker | Jabez LeBret

How are you donating 1/2 your speaking fee?

I am passionate about education and I need to put my time and money into this cause.

Here is how it works – We agree on a speaking fee for your event. Then you donate 1/2 of that amount to Sisu Academy, a non-profit that is launching a boarding school in 2018 for underserved and disengaged youth.
For more information on the school visit their website: Sisu Academy – Tuition-Free Boarding High School
*This may be tax deductible for you, but you should check with your accounting team.

Jabez Has Helped These Great Companies

Jabez is absolutely one of most engaging, energetic and effective speakers I've seen. He keeps the topic relevant and monitors his audience to maintain enthusiasm and connection”

Darcey Howard Owner, Life Styled New York

Jabez is a truly compelling speaker. He knows how to connect with his audience to drive his message home. His style is laid-back yet highly professional and hard hitting. He is a pleasure to work with!”

Jessica Estrada Event Planner, Seattle Chamber

Jabez has a dynamic and engaging personality, and is an expert presenter and facilitator. He works adeptly with executives and individual contributors alike, and is as confident and comfortable with groups of 3 or 3,000”

K Jason Bryan Project Manager, ProGroup, Inc.


Around The World

Jabez has delivered over 1,100 presentations globally and is considered a leading expert in marketing, technology, and managing Millennials in the workplace.


Action Items to Implement,
Not Ideas to Think About

Ideas, without action, will only get you so far. For this reason, Jabez delivers presentations that both inspire and educate. Your audience will be entertained while walking away with actionable items to implement immediately. His presentations are custom designed so the content matches your event’s objectives. Meeting planners love Jabez because he is accessible and easy to work with; audiences enjoy Jabez because he delivers a powerful presentation with information they can use.

Journalist Contributions

Jabez has contributed to over 15 journals and publications. He also writes a regular column for Forbes on the CMO network.


Millennial, Manager, Teacher

Beyond being a speaker, Jabez is co-founder of the marketing agency GNGF. With over 26 employees, he brings real world experience to his presentations. Jabez has been a manager for over 12 years, helping him relate to the everyday issues your team is facing. He also worked at Nordstrom as a financial analyst for almost six years. Because Jabez has career roles outside of speaking engagements, his presentations are full of current examples and real life experience.

We all know that it is nearly impossible to really understand something until you’ve experienced it. Jabez is in the trenches everyday, working with his team of Millennials. You want a speaker that can connect with your audience and communicate on their level.