Meet Jabez

NBC Chicago Business Columnist, Author and Chief Innovation Officer of Digital Marketing Agency, Jabez LeBret, Shows You How to Leverage the Different Generations and Use Contribution Leadership to Dramatically Improve Your Business.

“From building better teams to boosting your sales, when you learn the differences between the generations, and how to effectively manage today’s dynamic workforce, your production will increase significantly and your organization will become more efficient.” Says business and leadership expert Jabez LeBret. His keynote addresses have been heard around the world and he has impacted hundreds of companies including 4 of the top 10 largest companies in the United States. He is described as entertaining, engaging, educational, and easy to work with. Your audience will thank you for bringing Jabez LeBret to your next event.

Jabez has delivered over 900 presentations worldwide in Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Peru, Guatemala, Canada, and almost all 50 states. His Gen Y and Contribution Leadership presentations have impacted companies including IBM, Boeing, Bank of America, Aramark, GE, Hewlett Packard, Nordstrom, Microsoft, Deloitte, AT&T, Sony, and more. Jabez is a highly sought after conference and corporate speaker that brings energy and actionable tools to every presentation.

What are people saying about Jabez:

“Jabez is a people person. He is engaging, lively, entertaining and he creates a huge impact! He quickly connects on a personal level with his audience and delivers a powerful presentation. Great for any size group or organization.”

Karla Kucera, Business Development Manager, Parker Staffing Services

“Jabez is a self-starter who establishes goals and reaches them. He is an incredibly effective communicator, a key part of which is being an adept listener.”

Steven Robinson, Shareholder, Karr Tuttle Campbell

“I have had the privilege of working closely with Jabez through several events and programs at the Seattle Chamber. I have found him to be a consummate professional, an effective communicator and a gifted leader. He is a self starter and takes initiative to bring new ideas forward and to assure that a quality product is always delivered. He is also a very pleasant person to know and work with.”

Phil Bussey, President & CEO, Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce

“Jabez offers a leadership consulting perspective in his service to organizations that helps companies reduce conflict and resolve employee problems in practical and measurable ways. 

His forthright and trustworthy consultancy helps leaders improve employee engagement and retention. 

Business owners and CEO’s looking to take their leadership team to the next level would benefit adding Jabez to the RFQ list.”

Dianne Crampton, President, TIGERS Success Series

“Jabez supported me and I highly recommend [him]. When Jabez originally approached me with his companies services he was able to develop an instant report and continued to provide exceptional customer service during our partnership. Jabez has an exceptional ability to communicate (to all levels) and to understand individual motives and drivers. Thanks for all your support Jabez!”

Sarah Sheasby, Safeco Insurance, Seattle WA

A quick note from me:

I have been a financial analyst at Nordstrom, owned several companies, managed both Gen Y employees and every other generation all while building a strong background in cognitive psychology and leadership. I understand what separates my generations from the others and most importantly I am able to help your managers discover simple tools and techniques that will dramatically impact their team. 

I only book 12 presentations a year because I have a company to manage. I am nice, strive to contribute to the success of those around me, and always attempt to under promise and over deliver. Bottom line I want to work with you, but I may not be the best fit for your event…if that is the case I can (and have) help you find a speaker that is right for you. 

Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by!